Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Business and Corporate Level Strategies for Honda Motors Company Assignment - 4

Business and Corporate Level Strategies for Honda Motors Company - Assignment Example This paper illustrates that Honda started looking for new markets outside of Japan only a few years after it was founded. The founder believed that the company should always maintain an international viewpoint, looking at the rest of the world as the potential market base and factory footprint. As such, Honda, unlike its competitors, looks to localize rather than globalizing. This means that it allows its subsidiaries all over the globe to function as autonomous companies that design and produce vehicles and motorcycles according to local conditions and consumer needs. Honda is not a top-down organization that is controlled by the headquarters. Honda combines engineering, design, and manufacturing in each large company in the countries with its subsidiaries whereas other companies tend to keep research and design close to home where they are managed by executives who do not understand local circumstances and preferences. Honda has embraced the idea of paradox as a means of promoting critical thinking and re-assessing common wisdom and to shape new responses to ingrained expectations. The company prides itself on a knowledge-rich organization and putting the demand on its workers at all levels to engage in strategic thinking which is crucial towards its success. Honda holds the daily meeting with the employees, Waigaya, as the meetings are referred as to where decisions either large or small are re-evaluated and re-assessed to find the best tactical solutions to challenges both present and imminent. Honda, unlike other companies, does not rely on using robots and alternative automation as a means of retaining productivity and minimizing costs. The company only engages robots in areas that are considered dangerous and unsafe for human beings. The presence of machines de-motivates the workers and therefore disengages their enthusiasm for the job. Innovation according to Honda also is reduced when robots and machines are engaged rather than human involvement. That level of technology is set to a limit that the machines can achieve as compared to human creativity that is not limited like that of the machines. This is a good enough reason to appreciate that the capability of the mind of humans supersedes that of the machines, especially in creativity and improvement.

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